Custom Product Solutions

At AR INSTRUMED, we understand that every customer has unique needs and preferences. That’s why we offer custom product solutions bespoke to your specifications. Our experienced management and highly trained staff are equipped to work with you on everything from custom-made Dental instruments to pre-market product trials and volume production. Simply provide us with your specifications, including preferred dimensions and any desired changes, and we’ll work with you to turn your great ideas into a reality. Whether you have a specific item reference code from our catalog or need to provide an illustration or picture, we’ll ensure that your product meets your exact requirements.

  • Customized manufacturing of Dental instruments based on customer requirements and preferences
  • Experienced management and highly trained staff ready to collaborate with customers
  • Capable of producing Custom-Made Dental instruments for pre-market product trials or volume production
  • Customers can provide specifications with preferred dimensions or other changes
  • Closest item reference code from the catalog can be used or customers can provide an illustration/picture
  • AR INSTRUMED will convert customer requirements into reality with a firm understanding of their needs
  • High-quality products with precision and attention to detail
  • Flexibility in production to meet specific clinical needs
  • Constancy to international patent and intellectual property rights
  • Constant communication and feedback throughout the production process
  • Commitment to meeting customer deadlines and turnaround times