Private Label & OEM

Partner with AR INSTRUEMD For High-Quality Private Label And OEM Services

AR INSTRUMED offers private label and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services for companies interested in manufacturing medical instruments under their own brand names. Our products are laser marked, stamped, and numbered according to the requirements of the OEM-PLM agreement, ensuring traceability and feedback.

In addition to producing private label versions of our existing products, we also offer design assistance for creating new configurations to expand your portfolio to meet specific clinical needs. Our team of experts can fulfill special production requests while ensuring that international patent and intellectual property rights are not violated.

At AR INSTRUMED, we provide the same level of attention to quality and consistency for our partner products as we do for our own. Partnering with us for private label and OEM services is an excellent opportunity to increase the flexibility and competitiveness of your company in the medical instrument market.

  • OEM partnership opportunities for Private Label Manufacturing
  • Laser marking, stamping, and numbering of products to meet branding requirements
  • Strong, permanent traceability and feedback capabilities
  • Design assistance for customized configurations to meet clinical needs
  • Respect for international patent and intellectual property rights
  • Increased flexibility and competitiveness for customers
  • Commitment to quality and consistency for partner products.


We can offer packaging and/or package design services for your OEM label products.
If you are considering a manufacturer for OEM /private label products, AR INSTRUMED Instruments can help.

Regulatory requirements

Instruments are CE marked and we provide relevant documentation including EC Declarations of Conformity, and Instructions for Use (IFU).